HackKing's 5.0

KCL Tech Sociery

1-2 December 2018

King's College London

HackKing's 5.0, bringing you another year of your favourite hackathon!

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It’s an event where brilliant and innovative people come to connect, create and have fun!

HackKing’s is the best hackathon this side of King's College London's strand campus

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Biggest hackathon in the biggest city in Europe, in the heart of London

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Confused? Something is not clear?
We have the answers!

Do you really “hack” at a hackathon?

No, we are not doing or encouraging illegal activities here.

How do I get to the venue?

This year we will be at King's College London's Bush House! The venue is accessible by Holborn or Temple.

So what is a hackathon then?

A hackathon is a live-event where participants, “hackers”, spend the course of 24 hours creating, developing, designing, and pitching a software or hardware project they build from scratch. We provide all the resources and mentorship you need in order to make this happen!

Will you be providing travel reimbursements?

Unfortunately, we will not be covering travel reimbursements at this time.

How much does it cost to attend?

Absolutely nothing! HackKing's 5.0 is a completely free event run by a student society. All food, resources, and accommodations for the entire event will be provided free of charge.

What kind of workshops and activities will be hosted?

We’ll be hosting a variety of workshops from beginner subjects, such as introduction to coding, to advanced courses, such as security penetration testing. No matter your interest, we guarantee we’ll have something for you.


We cound’t have made it without them!
We love you guys!

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